Homeopathic Medicine for Water Related Problems


Homeopathic Medicine for Water Related Problems

Ammonium carb. (Thrice a day): Great aversion to water. Cannot bear to touch it.

Calcarea carb. (Thrice a day): Aversion to water and washing as it aggravates ailments. Affections caused by working in water like those of washer men or washerwomen.

Ferrum met. (Thrice a day): Sight of flowing water causes vertigo.

Hydrophobinum (Thrice a day): Dread of flowing water.

Hyoscyamus nig. (Thrice a day): Dislikes water as he cannot swallow liquids.

Laurocerasus 1c (Thrice a day): On drinking water or other liquids, it rolls audibly through the esophagus and intestines.

Natrium sulph. (Thrice a day): Complaints due to water, like living in damp basements or near rivers, lakes and sea. Symptoms worse in rainy weather. Cannot eat any seafood like fish or even plants growing near water.

Sepia (Thrice a day): It is called washerwomen’s remedy, because the ailments worsen due to laundry work.

Sulphur (One dose daily): Dislikes water. Aversion to being washed.

NOTE 1: An average person needs about 8 glasses of water per day in summer and half this amount in winter. Water can suppress appetite, help reduce fat deposits, rid the body of harmful salts, help kidney flush toxins from the body, regulate body temperature, prevent constipation and keep the skin hydrated and glowing. It is one of the most important catalysts in losing weight and keeping it off.

NOTE 2: Every other substance becomes heavier, smaller and denser when it changes from liquid to solid, but water expands and becomes lighter, so much so that ice floats. Water is the only substance on earth that occurs naturally in 3 states of matter – liquid, solid and gas.

NOTE 3: Water is required by the body to moisten all the tissues and cells.


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