Homeopathy Medicine for Drug Addiction


Homeopathy Medicine for Drug Addiction

Drug is a general term for any substance, stimulating or depressing, that can be habituating or addictive, especially a narcotic.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Barbitones
  3. Cannabis sativa (Marijuana), Hemp, Cannabis indica (Hashish): Powder of leaves and flowers is used for smoking. Flowers of the female plant of Cannabis sativa (hemp) are usually used for smoking.
  4. Cocaine: It is obtained from erythroxylon and is used for prolongation of the sexual act. According to the scientists at the University of Munich, Cocaine can over-stimulate the heart and may cause a heart attack.
  5. Heroin: A narcotic derived from Morphine or Opium.
  6. Sleeping pills
  7. Stramonium: Its powdered seeds are used for smoking.
  8. Testosterone (Dope): It is a steroid derived from the male sex hormones. It is used by the athletes and sportsmen for increasing the stamina. It is also produced in small amounts in women’s adrenal glands and ovaries.


  1. Alcohol: It’s bad effects are removed by Sterculia Q (Thrice a day) and Ranunculus bulb. Q, 10 drops in ½ cup of water (See Alcoholism).
  2. Barbitones: Carbo veg. (Thrice a day) removes the bad effects.
  3. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica: Cannabis addiction may be treated and cured by Sulphur A dose on alternate days in the morning, miraculously cures the bad effects and addiction. For immediate effects, to remove intoxication, 5 ml of pure Lemon juice mixed with 200 ml of water every 15 minutes. Studies prove that Tetrahydrocannabinol or T. H. C. is the main active ingredient of marijuana and it is stored in fats of the body even if a person himself does not smoke himself but is only exposed to its smoke when the marijuana is being smoked by another person. Fat in the bodies is a natural storage area.
  4. Cocaine: Conium mac. 1M given infrequently removes the bad effects and bad habit.
  5. Heroin: Bad effects of its use are removed by use of Avena sativa (common oats). Twenty drops in warm water should be given every half an hour till intoxication is removed. Black coffee also antidotes its intoxication. Berberis vulg. (Thrice a day), is useful to counter its habit. Diarrhea in such addicts is cured by Pulsatilla nig. (Thrice a day), and insomnia by Avena sativa Q (One dose only) – 20 drops a dose in hot water.
  6. Sleeping pills: Bad effects are removed by Coffea cruda
  7. Stramonium: Nux vomica 10M (One dose only), removes its bad effects and also the bad habit.
  8. Testosterone: It is not a habit forming and generally no treatment is required. Zincum phos. 3x (Thrice a day) antidotes it.
  9. Vanadium 6c: It cures loss of appetite due to drug addiction.


  1. A single dose of Nux vomica 10M removes craving for drugs. It may be repeated on alternate days if required.
  2. Passiflora Q mixed with Avena sativa Q in equal parts and given in 20 drops a dose, thrice daily, takes away the craving for heroine and Coca
  3. In all cases of drug addiction, give 40-50 drops of Passiflora Q at bed time. It will produce a healthy sleep without dreams and hallucinations.