Lithium Carb 30 Uses, Benefits – Lithium Carbonicum Homeopathic Remedy

  • Pains from within outwards, usually in small spots, worse on left side
  • Before menses, symptoms more violent on left side, after menses on right side
  • Half vision, invisible right half, worse during menses
  • Urine less, inspite of taking normal drinks

Source: Mineral kingdom
Synonyms: Carbonate of lithium
Prover: Dr C. Hering
Diathesis: Uric acid diathesis

Introduction and History: Hering introduced and made first provings of Lithium carbonicum. It affects the entire organism, but notably the head, eyes, urinary organs, heart and joints. According to Allen, lactate of lithia has been found valuable for subacute rheumatism of the shoulder joint.

Preparation: It is prepared by trituration of carbonate of lithium.

Constitution and Physiognomy: It is suited to gouty constitutions and uric acid diathesis.

Physio-pathological Changes (Pathology): It affects notably the head, eyes, heart, small joints and urinary organs.

Ailments From: Effects of bruise and fall.

Characteristic Mental Symptoms (Psychology)

  1. Patient is disposed to weep about his lonesome condition.
  2. He has difficulty in remembering names.

Characteristic Physical Guiding Symptoms

Headache: It returns and remains until food is taken. Tension as if bound. Headache from suppression of menses. Worse eating.

Chronic rheumatism: It is useful for chronic rheumatism connected with heart lesions or eye lesions. Rheumatic nodes.

Pains: There are violent sharp pains as from hot needles.

Bruises: Bruised spots from falls and blows. Whole body feels sore and heavy.

Pressure: Pressure from within outwards in the head, abdominal ring, perineum and chest.

Paralytic stiffness: There is paralytic stiffness of the whole body.

Itching: Itching about the joint is worse by hot water. Barber’s itch. Dull stitch, ending in itching.

Rough rash: All over the body, much loose epithelium; tough, dry, itchy skin.

Worse: Open air causes post-nasal dripping from the nose and constriction of the chest.

Vertigo: Vertigo with ringing in the ears.

Important Characteristic Features

Rheumatism: It is for chronic rheumatism connected with heart lesions or eye lesions. Rheumatic pains throughout the shoulder joint, arms, fingers and small joints generally. Nodular swelling in joints. Paralytic stiffness all over. Itching about joints. Soreness of fingers better by grasping. Pain in hollow of feet, extending to knees. Swelling and tenderness of finger and toe joints, better by hot water.

General Modalities

Aggravation: In the morning, on the right side, at night, during menses, after suppressed menses, from motion.

Amelioration: From rest, from eating, urinating, motion, rising and moving about outside.

Remedy Relationships

Compare: Lyc, Am-p, Benz-ac, Calc.

Therapeutic Value: Bruises, Headache, Injury, Paralysis, Rheumatism, Vertigo, etc.