Homeopathic Treatment Of Headaches



Almost every person has a headache at some time. The headache is not a disease in itself but this pain may be symptom of various diseases. When the tip of the pain-sensitive nerves is stimulated, then the pain is generated. Stress, muscle contraction, expansion in blood vessels and some chemical substances can be stimulating it.


Headaches are usually of two types –

  1. Caused by blood vessels.
  2. The headache from stress or muscular contraction.

Migraine is pain in the front half of the head and is found in most of the patients. The origin of this disease is very difficult to know, but perhaps due to distortion of the cephalic nerve can be reason. It is common in young age (15-16 years) to age of 50 years. It does not happen often after 50 years age. It attacks usually in a certain time. Anyone with a margin of 8 days or in a difference of 15 days or a month’s time. Generally it stays for 18 to 36 hours after starting headache. Sometimes started slowly and reaches climax. In addition pain feels inside of the eye and nasal root. In some patient feels cold before headache. Generally the right part of the head is greater than the left side. This headache is more in women than men. This headache is often hereditary.

Migraine can be caused by both physical and mental stress. Some women have migraines only at the time of menstruation. Contraceptive pills also cause migraine. Migraine also happens due to more stress, remains in strong sunlight and in case of none eating.

1) Some time eating not well cooked food is also the cause of headache. Indigestion is also a reason of headache.

2) The gall bladder is associated with liver. The regular bile from the gall bladder or defect in liver gets some kind of a headache. Always feel nausea, patient always feel hot in his head and he seek for cold air. Stool not clear and there is always bitter taste in mouth. And vomiting occurs with the undigested foods.

3) Small cotton-like worms are found in the body. At this stage severe headache, too much pain. Walking or discharge of worms gives relief in pain.

4) Deterioration of brain is also the cause of headache. It also decreases the patient’s memory, hardly able to talk. Color of face fades.

5) Sometimes it is heredity.

6) There are also some psychological reasons. Such as very high tension. In this condition headache become severe. Physical reasons are also responsible for headache like too much work, not eat balanced food, high light on the eyes and more.

7) Stress headaches: Unlike migraine, muscle contraction generated or stress generated headache can also be lighter or severe. It may be in the forehead or on the back of the head. Pain feels like stretch in head or like having a burden on head.

8) High blood pressure headache occurs when blood pressure suddenly becomes very high. So at this stage it is necessary to treat high blood pressure.

9) Sometimes headache caused by any other organ inflammation – such as eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, sinus infections, etc., or due to swelling and pressure. Neck pain and even cervical spondylitis can also generate headaches. Eating ice cream or cold things can be the reason of pain in front head.

10) Infection, inflammation, stretches or pressures in the veins of the head can also be the reason of severe headache.

11) Stretch in the temporal bone and the jaw joint, inflammation or infection in the teeth cause jitters related headache.

12) Headache is major symptom of brain membranes (Meninges) infection (meningitis) and brain infection (encephalitis) disease.

13) Due to the expansion of the blood vessels of the head, such as excessive intake of alcohol also the reason for headache. Headache remains when Sharp increase in concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood and fever also occur.

14) Cluster headache -it is a type of migraine. The pain lasts about 20-60 minutes, but rises more than one time in a day and remains for week or ten days. Then it goes quiet for a while. The pain is intense with burning sensation. Initially, the pain is on the forehead and eyes, but can spread to the face and neck. It occurs more often in younger men. The patient wakes up from sleep, nose choke, the skin becomes red, tears are gathered in eyes, and prick in the mucous membranes.

15) Lack of tea, coffee or heart disease (Sorbitrate etc.) taking English drugs also cause headache. It is not serious. In some people After Chinese, food headaches get start. In Chinese food mono sodium glutamate used to enhance flavor in food is responsible. Headache with fever and vomiting may be symptom of ‘Meningitis’ infection. Its other symptoms are- stay awake, numbness in neck or changes in sensation mechanism. Such headache should be cured immediately. Delay of a day or two can also have serious consequences.


To get rid of a low-grade headache- concentrate on diet, exercise and relaxation. Climate change and fresh air keeps the patient comfortable. More tea, tobacco, cigarettes do not benefit.


1) The ‘Epiphegus’ drug is extremely effective in headache- caused by Extreme tiredness and physical exertion.

2) If headache starts from head back and spread upside and goes to right eye, feel uneasy, vomiting, the patient likes to be in the dark. Then ‘Sanguinaria – of power 200’. If the headache is in left eye ‘Spigelia’ drug should be taken.

3) If headache start from back head and spread to left eye and become stable, the ‘Spigelia’ of power 200, medicine is effective.

4) When Upset stomach or liver problem cause headache in which  spots becomes appear in eyes which may cause discoloration , the ‘Iris versicolor‘ drug of high power (200 – 1000) should be used.

5) Headaches caused by pressure on eyes in school-going kids the ‘phosphoricum Acidum’ should be use in 30 or 200 power. • If school going kids suffer with, anemia (anemia) and complained about headache, the ‘Calcarea Phos’ and ‘Natrum muriaticum’ drugs in power 30 or 200 should be used. • If the patient female who have problem of fainting, hysteria, ‘Mag Mur‘ drug can be used in power 30 or200.

6) When feel sharp pointed pain in head and get better by lying same side of pained area, fainting and nervousness caused by pain, the ‘Ignatia’ of power 200 can be used .

7) Feels-like head has grown much more than its size, stretch and relief by pressing hard, the ‘Argentum nitricum’ drug should be used in 30 or 200 powers.

8) Pain and heaviness in back of head like it is full of load, dizziness, and the Petroleum of power 30 is advantageous

Ignatia: symptoms appear which are constantly changing and opposite to each other. Headache keeps changing its place. Gradually begins to appear and suddenly ends. (In Belladonna and sulphuric acid drugs headache starts slowly and ends abruptly too.) The woman patient often complaint about nervousness, neurotic complain. The patient gets relief in headache after stool discharge then medicines like Aconite, ‘Gelsemium, and ‘Silicea, and Veratrum Album’ should be given to patients in almost 200 power.

Gelsemium: at the root of the brain (the joint of neck and head) feels softly, fatigue pain. The patient feels comfortable in placing the head on pillow, mental work cause fatigue, cigarette, tobacco, and head down (without a pillow), headache rises by sleeping and sunlight. Sometimes the back of the head pain starts due to accumulation of blood and spreads to the whole head. Headache, sometimes get relief after urination.

Glonoinum: extreme headache, shiver, feel stretch and heaviness in head (in the blood vessels of the neck), head geared to back is highly annoying, by lie down give relief, the slightest tremor in head is cause severe headache, heart rate  increases. This drug in 30 or 200 power is appropriate.

Melilotus: headache, stretching, heaviness, excessive brightness and redness on the face and get relief after nose bleeding. From original drug extracts to 30 power medicine is effective.

Lachesis: headache, pale face, patient sleep in headache but remains intense headache when he wakeup. Get some relief after urinating and stools- the secretion of semen. This drug in power 200 should be used. Pain stays head to nose. After waking up, sneezing make the headache increases. Due to heat, Fever with headache remains.

Bryonia: severe headache, feel irritation inside, feel intense thirst, walking or sitting with bowed head pain increases. In power 30 or 200 of the drug should be taken.

Natrum Carb: mental works leads to more pain, just little use of brain cause migraines. This medicine will be useful.

Belladonna: red face, twitching in the carotid artery of the neck, blood accumulation in head, bend head down is more painful, use of one or two doses  of this drug in high power is effective in soothe .

Silicea:  pain begins from neck and reaches to head. Its feel like patient can be fall forward. The patient’s likes to tide the head tight, looking upward makes dizziness and it seems like he will fall further.  the higher strength of this drug is more effective.

Kali Bichrom: blind headache, headache terminates the blindness, headache occurs suddenly and end soon, then i the drug in power 30 or 200 is effective.

Sarsaparilla: due to suppressed gonorrhea disease headache remains for a certain time.

Phosphoric acid: pain of the last part of forehead, due to more often use of eyes. The drug should be used in low power. High strength can be also use but medical consultation required.

Natrum mur: school-going girls who are anemic and do more study, stitching and other eye pressured work use to complaining for headaches. In this case, use of the drug is beneficial in 30 to 200 powers (depending on the type of problems. ‘Calcarea phos’ drug can be also used.

Nux vomica: patient with high living standard, in stormy weather, coughing, excessive intake of English, pain in any part of the head. 30 to 200 power of medicine should be used. Bad hygiene could also create headaches.

  • headache in high areas (mountains, etc.) – Cocc- 30 power
  • headache after bathing – Ant. crud -30 power
  • Headache after drinking beer – Rhus Tox – 30 power.
  • Headache after eating a sweet thing – Ant. crud -30 power
  • Due to Colds (mucous membrane secretion, causing infection)-Cepa, Pulsatilla, Hydrastis, Mercurius.
  • block nose due to cold causing headache -Kali Bichrom, Belladona, Lachesis – 200.
  • Headache after drinking coffee – “Nux vomica, Ignatia, Aurum-30.
  • Headache Due to constipation – Aloe, alumina, Bryonia, Nux vomica, Opium, 200 power.
  • Diarrhea generated headache – Aloe, Podophyllinum – 30.
  • Headache After dancing- Argentum nitricum-30.
  • Headache (sentimental reasons) – Gelsemium, Ignatia , Coffea, Chamomilla, picricum acidum, Argentum nitricum, Platina, Epiphegus- 30 or 200.
  • Headache due to pressure on the eyes – Cimicifuga, Epiphegus,Gelsemium,Natrum Mur, Onosmodium,Ruta-200
  • Headache after fasting – Lycopodium, Arsenic, Silicea, Lachesis.
  • Headache caused by a disturbance in abdomen (stomach and intestine) – Antim. crud, cinchona, Iris Vers, Pulsatilla, Bryonia alba ,Nux mosc.
  • Headache after haircut – Belladonna, Bryonia.
  • Headache caused by the pressure of the cap placed on the head – Hepar Sulph, nitratic acid, Natrum Mur, carbo vej, Calcarea Phos.
  • Due to piles – collinsonia, Nux vomica.
  • Headache due to cold water – Digitalis, Arsenic.
  • Because of lemon, tea or alcohol – Selenium, Nux vom Ant. crud, Zincum met.
  • Caused by liver diseases – Nux vom, Leptandra.
  • Headache in malaria fever – Arsenic, Chininum sulph, Eupatorium Perf, Natrum mur
  • Headache due to mental weakness or mental work – Anacardiam,Argentum nitricum, Epiphegus, Gelsemium
  • Headache due to drug abuse – Acetic acid.
  • Headache after excessive burden – Calcarea carb.
  • Headache due to walking in opposite direction of air – Kali Bichrom, Calcarea .
  • Headache in running car – Cocculus indicus, nitrate , Graphites, Melilotus.
  • Headache due to the weakness of sexual needs – Phosphoric acid, Silicea, Onosmodium, Cinchona, Nux vom.
  • Headache in cold room after bedtime – Bryonia.
  • Headache due to lack of sleep – Nux vom, Cocculus indicus, Cimicifuga.
  • Headaches due to diseases of the spine – Agaricus
  • Due to sunlight or heat – Belladonna, Gelsemium, Glonoinum, Natrum carb .
  • Headache due to syphilis disease – Aurum, Arsenic, Sarsaparilla, Syphilinum.
  • Headache due to eating tobacco -Ignatia, Caladium, Acid Phos.
  • Due to injuries in the body or wound – Arnica, Hypericum, Natrum Sulph’.
  • Headache due to Disorders of the uterus – Cimicifuga, Sepia, Ignatia, Pulsatilla.
  • Weather changes caused headache – Calcarea Phos, Dulcamara, Phytolacca, Rhus Tox, and Aconite.
  • Headaches that occur after a certain time – Arsenic, Belladonna.
  • Headache every alternate day -Cinchona, Anhalonium .
  • The headache every third day – Eupatorium Perf.
  • The headache every eighth day – Iris.
  • Every fifteen days or every week – sulphur.
  • Every second or third week- Ferrum met.
  • The headache every sixth week – Mag mur.




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