Homeopathy self-help Application

In this era of high technological advancement where medicinal science is evolving at a much higher pace, accessibility to the newest and revolutionary approaches is not strenuous anymore.

The paradigm shift of Global community from allopathic drugs to homeopathic remedies has been slow but consistent and steady.

Homeopathy is one of the ancient systems of remedy, a holistic approach that stimulates the body’s self-healing recovery forces. It delves deep into the core of the problem and weighing the symptoms intrinsically eradicates the root cause of the imbalance.

There are many apps related to Homeopathy that facilitate patients seeking professional homeopathic consultation on-line from a well-established Homeopathic doctor but rare applications that act as a first-aid for the patients to begin treatment at home.

Homeopathic remedy finder has been envisioned and netted around the concept of easy and instant help for any medical problem, for patients from anywhere across the globe, even remote areas seek expertise homeopathic remedies.

How the App Works

This tool becomes functional as soon as you enter the site and start coursing through each segment.

It takes you through a well formulated, in-depth form where you are asked to furnish certain details. By the end of it your medicine flashes across the screen to enable you to understand your disease.

First step involves selecting the symptoms which apply.

Second step is related to selecting the body art where the disease is affecting the patient.

The next step is where you will be asked to provide details regarding the time when the symptoms started.

You will further be given two sections where you will be asked to tick the things which aggravate or provide relief to you during the disease.

It is important to understand here that the options are already at your fingertip and you just have to select from those options. Try becoming your own doctor with the help of this tool.

Disclaimer: This app is not for use under critical emergencies. It is advisable to consult your nearest doctor in case of a medical emergency.

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