Hernia Treatment In Homeopathy


It is primarily a surgical situation. (A portion of an organ or cavity in which it is situated, usually, to get enlarge is called hernia.) In these situation two types of cases in homeopathy is viable. First, inguinal or femoral hernias, which is in its initial position and the second case in which it cannot be operated like due to old age.

Homeopathic medicine to treat hernia : Nux vomica in increasing power from 200 to 10 m. and Conium – 200.

Case 1

A 58-year-old engineer who was in a Marine, he cannot have surgery because his wife had died recently. He prolonged “Combiflam” which caused bleeding in intestine. And for which he had surgery.

Case 2

A 22-year-old man, my servant, he was suffering from hernia and he cannot get treatment due to financial problem. I gave him Nux vomica -200 and then increasing the potency of the drug. I did not give him Conium because the patient did not was a Hypochondriac as in earlier case.

Hernia after operation (Incisional Hernia)

Sometimes this problem appears after abdominal operation for which surgery is only required.

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